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Learning through exploring a fun environment

Megazone Lasertag & MegaPlay Soft Play

Children develope new motor skills and problems solving through exploration

The MegaCentre Rayleigh which is run by an Essex based Christian charity is the home to the Megazone Lasertag, MegaPlay Soft Play, Music Rooms, Theatre and a Youth Centre.

The MegaCentre Rayleigh soft play facility is a Soft Play Area set over 3 levels for children aged 0 to 11 where children explore, play and learn in a safe environment

They also have a separate area dedicated to under 4's which is just adjacent to their large cafe.

The play area has slides, Ball Cannons and a Traverse Climbing Wall as well as Rope Bridges, Gliders and Targets.

Then there is the Megazone Laser section where children over 6 can enjoy the excitement of a laser tag game.

There are rules in place to ensure it is a non-contact combat game played with infra-red equipment.

The MegaCentre Rayleigh Opening Times

For Softplay opening times please visit:

For Laser Tag opening times please visit:

For the Sensory Room timetable please see:

The MegaCentre Rayleigh Prices

  • 4 to 11 Years

    from £5.75
  • Under 4 Years

    from £4.75
  • Under 2 Years

    from £3.75
  • Under 1's

    from £1.00
  • Laser Game

    from £5.00


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