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Today we are going to provide you with a quick digestible guide to the Seaham Treasure Hunt Trail.

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Self-guided treasure trail

Learn about the sights of Norwich

Great day out

Can you solve the Seaham Treasure Hunt Trail?

To solve the mystery you need to answer questions and find the answers to the clues which are located on existing monuments and buildings.

You'll need to look high and low to discover the answers to the clues and you might find some easy and others a little harder to answer!

It is a great activity to do with the children that they will enjoy and learn so much at the same without even realising they are learning.

Seaham Treasure Hunt Trail Opening Times

Trails are self-guided and can be instantly downloaded from the website.

Follow the Trail, solve the clues and see the sights on any day of your choosing.

Seaham Treasure Hunt Trail Prices

  • All Ages - per Trail (not per person)

    from £6.99
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