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Lots of active things to do

Castle themed play area

Separate toddler play castle

Jump for Joy in Norwich offer a range of safe and exciting activities for your children.

They can enjoy the castle themed play area which will ensure they will have a great time. the indoor play area is open for children aged 18 months to 10 years old to use and there is a separate toddler only play area which children under 18 months can enjoy.

We can also organise your child's birthday party. The private parties are really good here, with the catering set on a long table with a throne for the birthday child.

Jump for Joy Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday 10:30 - 15:00

Jump for Joy Prices

  • Adult

    from £1.00
  • Child (18mths+)

    from £4.25
  • Toddler (12-17mths)

    from £2.50
  • Under 1's



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