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Good To Know:

Experience the thrill of a treasure hunt

Different kind of a family walk


Put a new meaning to a family walk and spend some quality time together.

On the Huntfun treasure hunt in Newcastle try to solve clues and follow a trail to complete the challenge.

This treasure hunt will take you through the centre of Newcastle passing fantastic landmarks which will give you clues and teach you about these landmarks.

The Newcastle treasure hunt will open your eyes to things you would ordinarily just walk straight past!

The best bit is that you can use your mobile to access the GPS Treasure Hunt with ease.

This means you have the freedom to carry out and do the treasure hunt at a time which is best for you.

Huntfun Newcastle upon Tyne Opening Times

The treasure hunt is a self-guided experience.

You can complete it anytime after you've received your booklet.

Huntfun Newcastle upon Tyne Prices

£5.99 + £2.80pp - Budget Booklet
£7.99 + £2.80pp - Standard Booklet
Downloadable Hunts from £8.00
GPS Hunts from £27.00


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